First Of All Thank You SO MUCH For Choosing The MY Furst Love PetCare Team For All Your Pet Care Needs. We Consider It An Honor And A Privilege.


                                   Cards On File

Moving forward we will now be asking for clients to put a card on file. Invoices for weekly clients are due on the 14th and the last day of every month for the period of the 1st-15th and 16th- through the last day of the month. We will be sending out reminders a few days before your invoice is due, if payment is not received by the 14th and last day of month, we will charge your card on file on those days!


A Reminder for pet sitting: a $150 non-refundable deposit is due at booking, without this, we are not able to proceed with booking and the visits you requested may be filled by another client, as such we will be unable to fulfill your request! Full payment (entire invoice) is due 72 hours before booking and at that point is deemed non-refundable.

During Peak times (listed below) full payment is due 3 weeks before 1st day of service and is non-refundable.



                                       Holiday Pay


We reward all of our amazing team members by giving them 100% of holiday fee

The Holiday fee is $10 PER visit

We Observe the following Holidays and The Holiday Fee Will Apply To The Following:

New Years, New Years Eve, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter Sunday, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve.


  Sitting/ Overnight Care


  • In order to-reserve a booking, a non-Refundable deposit of $150 or balance in full is due at time of booking in order to secure spot.

  • If clients do not choose to pay full amount right away, irregardless the $150 Non-Refundable Fee is due to book dates. FULL Payment is due 72 hours in advance, and if payment isn’t received, we will not show up, and services will be cancelled.


3 Visits per day are now REQUIRED for dogs if there is no Doggie Door.


  • Time windows will now start being applied. We ask that you request a 1-2 Hour time window for your visit.


                                      Weekly Walks


  • Invoices will be sent via email and due the on the 14th and last day of every month for weekly clients.

  • Time windows will now start being applied. We ask that you request a 1-2 hour time window for your visit.  


If your baby requires a specific time that cannot be flexible, and it is during our peak times Mid-Morning-Mid Afternoon we do charge a $6.00 fee to allow us to rearrange our schedules to best suit your kiddos needs!


                                   Cancellation Policy


  • If services are cancelled 24 hours in advance for weekly walks there will be no charge, less then 24 hours, full charge shall be applied to your invoice.

  • If services for Pet Sitting/Overnight Care/Boarding are cancelled 72 hours in advance, all funds but the $150 non refundable are returned.

  • If services are cancelled less then 72 hours before service is set to begin, we must keep the entire rate of stay and the $150 Deposit. 


                                       Boarding Policy


• 10 am Check in AND Check out

• Pick Up By 10 am- No Charge

• Pick Up After 10 am- $35 if pick up before 5:00pm

If pick up is after 5, it is considered a full day, thus will be charged as a full day


                                        Walking Policy


To Keep Puppers As Safe As Possible We Have A New Policy:

No Collar Walking

(Unless Use Of A Martingale Collar)

Harnesses and Gentle Leaders allowed for Well Behaved Pups.


                               Weather Based Cancellations


Subject to the same schedule as above as visits are still scheduled and made on bad weather days. We do maintain the right to modify the visit, such as shortened outdoor time or shifting to indoor play for the safety of your pet and our team.


                                             Shared Care


Advanced notification is required of all persons who may be entering or staying at your home prior to the start of services or has been enlisted for 'shared care of your pets'. A separate and signed agreement is required along with our prior authorization before we accept homes with 'shared care of pets'. 



                                       My Furst Love FAQs



Extending Your Trip? No Problem!

Let us as soon as you decide you need an extra day on the beach or the powder is so awesome you just can't return home, we get it! You'll simply pay for services online, using Venmo/Stripe.


Off Leash Walks/ Kitty Deck Time: Your dog may do great off leash or your kitty may love fresh air from the deck or balcony but we choose not to leave an open opportunity for pets in our care to go astray. We abide by strict safety protocol and do not allow dogs to approach or meet our pet clients while on walks, do not go to dog parks, ponds or lakes. We stay in your neighborhood for a personal one on one walk or run.  


Texting: What a wonderful convenience and privilege. As we are busily texting our client updates daily, we kindly opt to use texts for client updates only and for any urgent matters. If we're not caring for your home please email or call. We're happy to answer general and non urgent matters by email or phone. New bookings are simply made through your Portal. On occasion we may encounter delays due to weather, traffic, clean ups or unexpected issues at homes. We always communicate and you will receive a text/email as soon as possible after we complete a visit as well as notify you if we're delayed.  


Timing of Visits: ALL VISITS ARE ON APPROXIMATE TIMING Mid-days and mornings are the busiest. 

What supplies are needed?: We'll go over these in detail at your home but we do recommend one location for all cleaning supplies, towels for paws and inclement weather days to dry furry bodies or warm up after our outside adventures! 

Tipping: A topic to 'tip'-toe around? No, we are actually asked about this often. In a nutshell pet care business professionals, which include groomers, pet sitters, and walkers are considered the same as any other service industry professional who are tipped. We strive to provide the best care with attention every detail with or without tips. If you would like to show how much you appreciate our care with a gratuity, please do as it is sincerely appreciated.