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All About My Furst Love and Its Owner

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Darienne!

As I've previously mentioned, animals are my passion in life! I have had a dream of opening up a sanctuary for animals that come from overcrowded shelters, abusive/neglectful pasts, and wild animals coming from zoos or inappropriate locations for them such as circuses/ the tigers at the aquarium etc. I Knew in my heart that I wanted to work with animals, so I sought out jobs as a Kennel Manager, A Patient Care Technician, And An Er Vet TA, It was an absolute privilege. After gathering years of knowledge and experience, I knew I had to start a business to be able to make my dream of my sanctuary. Working with animals and giving them an immense amount of love and treating them like human babies was all I knew, so what better company to own then one based on giving them the love and attention they deserve? Thus, My Furst Love Pet Care was born.

I wanted to give back to the world, and the best way I knew how was to partner up with my favorite rescue to be able to save hundreds of animals every year.

My Furst Love Petcare has partnered up with the Forgotten to Forever rescue and gives them a percentage of EVERY petcare service we provide this means any and all services you book through us, means an innocent life is spared and given the chance to find a loving family.

As an empath, I also wanted to somehow give back to the community, I personally have had some terrible jobs in the past where I was mistreated, My hard work was unappreciated and unnoticed, and I absolutely dreaded coming to work every day.

I NEVER wanted to be this kind of Boss. I wanted the reason that my team members did such a good job and did such amazing work was because they respected me, not feared me, and loved the company that they worked for. Which is why My Furst Love Pet Care takes AMAZING care of its team members. We give cash bonuses often to reward our amazing rockstars for their unbeatable services, we offer thorough training, and never just throw our team members "to the wolves". My Furst Love Pet Care pays for cpr training, first aid training, and a quarterly seminar with a Vet Tech that teaches us all about very useful tips and tricks on how to best care for animals of all shapes and sizes! Every team member is cherished and treated with respect, kindness, and constant appreciation for hard work. We have very high expectations of our team members because it is a privilege to be apart of My Furst Love Pet Care and receive all the benefits of being apart of a company that truly cares about its team members, one that always goes above and beyond to make coming to "work" the best part of their day, and the best job on the planet where we get to take care of animals all day, every day!

We Believe in the logic that happy people make amazing team members, and boy, is that logic true. I have been blessed with INCREDIBLE animal loving individuals, that truly love what they do, meaning your fur babies are in the most loving hands possible.

My name is Darienne, and I am absolutely blessed to have an incredible life, and do what I love each and every day, where I am surrounded by amazing clients, team members, and family.


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