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1o Things Your Dog Should Never Eat!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

#5 Is VERY surprising

1.) Coffee/Chocolate: Both of these popular food items can cause a high heart rate,tremors, seizures and even death

2.) Alcohol: Can Induce Seizures, Coma and Death!

3.)Avocado: Can Cause Vomiting and Diarrhea

4.) Macadamia Nuts: Can Cause Hind Leg Weakness, Paralysis and Tremors.

5.) Rawhide- DO NOT give your dog rawhide for any occasion. Their stomachs don't have the necessary enzymes needed to break the rawhide down and in turn this can cause death.

6.)Grapes/ Raisins: Can Cause Kidney Failure

7.) Garlic/Onions:Can Cause Vomiting and Red Blood Cell Damage

8.)Raw Yeast Bread Dough: Can Cause Bloat And Drunkenness.

9.)Products Containing Xylitol: Can Cause Seizures, Tremors and Death, Icebreakers gum contains this, as well as most gums.

10.)Cheese: Dogs stomachs dont have the proper enzymes to break down dairy products.

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